It's improving in Tampa bay.

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I'm really just starting blogging and I've still a little timid and don't know what to say. I read where in the Tri-county Tampa Bay area re-sales are up 29% for Sept. That is better than most of the other areas in Florida. I've noticed that I get more call on my listings now. Of course, offers in most cases are ridiculously low, but this is the most optimistic that I have felt in along time. I have tried to keep all negativity out of my thoughts and presentations, but it's hard when you read the newspaper or watch TV. Of course this an improvement from  Sept.07, which was not a good year either, but hooray it's getting better!! I have decided that I will be as up-beat as I possibly can. Negativity is "out the door".  This year is winding down and next year will be my best year ever, because I'm going to make it so. I know that I have to change my attitude to be productive and I will do it. I'm always looking for ideas to help me be better in my business dealings, so I will be reading more of the Active Rain blogs.

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