List your homes now, during the last quarter. Mililani Inventory

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I've always felt strongly that the last quarter is the best time to list a home.  To me, the Sellers that have their homes on the market are serious.  The inventory pool usually decreases during the holidays, due to sellers wanting to wait until after the holidays to list and with a smaller pool of inventory, your odds just got a little better.

I also fee the buyers running around looking at homes during the hectic holidays season are buyers who want to buy.

There are currently 97 SFH listings available in the mls in the "Mililani" area, this includes Mauka & Launani Valley.  There are currently 18 in escrow and 59 homes have sold since 8/5/08, which is about 20 homes a month.  We have about 5 months worth of SFH inventory in Mililani as of today.

There are currently 120 condo/townhouses available in the mls in the "Mililani" area and this includes Mauka, Launani Valley and old Waipio area.  There are currently 18 in escrow and 65 units have sold since 8/5/08.  This is a about 21 units a month sold, which makes the current inventory a little over 5 months worth.

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