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I can't believe three years have passed since I first began introducing Real Estate professionals to Web 2.0 social media marketing. What first began as marketing on just social networks like Myspace, YouTube, and Facebook, has expanded to encompass the vast, new and rapidly growing online media outlets. If you were to take a snapshot at the growth of this Web 2.0 phenomenon back in 2005 and compare it now, it would appear like a virus that literally doubled every 24 hours. Now, I'm not just speaking about huge-growth of a new phase of the internet and communication. I am also referring to the massively profitable nature that comes with this technology for your real estate business and the ability to easily generate multiple sources of income at an increased rate.

The days of back-breaking, worn-out, paid marketing and advertising are over by many standards. In the struggling economy that is upon us, real estate professionals (realtors, mortgage brokers, investors, etc..) that still use "stone-age" methods to acquire new clients and properties are finding that success is few and far in-between. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and embrace these exciting and much-needed changes in real estate marketing.

Quite frankly, my "economy" is booming just like the hundreds of other real-estate business owners that have started to implement strategic methods for social media marketing. A global shift has occurred and the question you have to ask is, "Do you want to be a part of this goldmine or do you want to be left-out in the cold struggling?"

Below is a quick-list of a few sites that I readily frequent (and I highly recommend you do as well) in my Web 2.0 marketing endeavors. They have been very lucrative for me and I've built some tremendous relationships for many business ventures that I have including real estate:


I could easily jot-down hundreds of websites but for times sake, we'll keep it at a few. It's important to have a systematic blueprint or checklist to run-through when learning to harness the power of social media. The good news is that you, as a real estate professional, DO NOT have to do it all yourself. These tasks can be very simple to outsource if you understand and have a little direction.

Even the incredible time saving and leveraged-based tools I use and recommend can be easily shown to an assistant or marketing director for use. The most important thing is to be coachable, as this may be a new language to many real estate marketing newbies and veterans.

There are even ways to monetize your existing real estate business online with Web 2.0 social media. I can't even begin to tell you how great it feels to wake-up in the morning with consistently more money in my bank account without doing any work. Sometimes I think that I'm dreaming but this is a reality, not just for myself, but for many other real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and investors that are hitting it hard with social media.

Establishing other systems of passive income along with your current business will make you recession-proof. Bigger thinking is required in times like these and those that are constantly scouting innovative methods for attracting new patients will thrive and prosper.

Concentrate on providing a large amount of value to your existing and potential clients on the web. This medium allows you to put yourself in front of a local and global audience eager to hear what you have to say. Don't fret, you are an expert in your own right. Trust me, you have plenty to talk about even though you might not see it yet. You could take a specific aspect of your real-estate business (loans, forclosurs, short sales, buying houses, etc...) and develop a YouTube video channel around it with a series of weekly videos, as an example.

Be creative and you will find this new, powerful virtual world will bring you boatloads of new clients, build social proof, and allow you to generate the massive residual income stream you deserve.

- Matthew J. Loop, DC

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Li Read
Sea to Sky Premier Properties (Salt Spring) - Salt Spring Island, BC
Caring expertise...knowledge for you!

Thank you for this list.    I'm off to check into it all, and to "get with the program".     Appreciated your post.

Nov 06, 2008 10:05 AM
Ilyce Glink
Think Glink Media - Chicago, IL
Best-selling author, award-winning TV/radio host.

Matthew-- Thanks for the great post. You're right that understanding the online business can help us get through these tough financial times. I really love my YouTube channel and of course, Active Rain. Thanks again for the post!

Nov 06, 2008 10:39 AM
Konnie Mac McCarthy
MacNificent Properties, LLC - Cobb Island, MD
Broker/Owner - VA & MD "Time To Get A Move On!"

I don't mean to sound dumb..but what exactly is web 2.0 anyway, I have seen that term so many times, and I know it is probably something very simple....

Nov 06, 2008 01:29 PM
Matthew Loop
DMS Global Social Media Consultants - Lawrenceville, GA


Web 2.0 is a word that simply describes the changing trends in the use of internet technology and design over the past 4 years. The goal is to enhance individual creativity, secure information sharing, collaboration and functionality of the web. Web 2.0 concepts have led to the development and evolution of web-based communities like social-network sites (ActiveRain, Myspace, etc..), video-sharing sites, wikis and blogs.

Hope this helps :)

- Matthew

Nov 09, 2008 03:24 AM