The Ugliest 4 Weeks of the Year?

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Coming off the most beautiful time of the year - majestic days of long shadows and inspiring foliage, the 4 weeks from mid November until mid December can be a bit of a letdown!  Gray skies replace the blue and those beautiful leaves sit in soggy drifts.  Terrible, right?  Depressing, right?  Not really!  The snow will be here soon enough and weekends will be packed with skating, skiing, sledding and great nights spent indoor with close friends and hot cocktails.  

This is the time to slow down, enjoy the peace and take care of the 10,000 little things that slipped down your priority list over the summer. This week I'll call the plumber that I was supposed to call 6 weeks ago, change the insurance coverage that should have been done in February and devote an extra hour or two t getting fit for skiing.  When you don't have to fight traffic on a regular basis or figure out which restaurant you can get in to this weekend then you can spend a little more time smoothing life's rough edges and there is NOTHING wrong with that! 

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