Why Should I Get A Home Inspection?

Home Inspector with Bell Home Inspection

In today's market getting a home inspection has become very important. As I inspect homes I see more and more homes that have not been maintained. Foreclosed homes that have been setting empty for up to three years that are in need of repairs that have not been made. If you buy one of these homes you will have to pay the repair bills. Can you afford thousands of dollars out of your pocket after all the expenses of buying the home have been made?

  It is strongly recommended that you have the home you are considering inspected. I offer you the opportunity to have confidence in your new investment. I would like to invite you to visit my website for some education and examples of what kind of defects I find hidden inside homes that people are unknowingly buying everyday. www.bellinspection.net I encourage you to please!! Protect yourself, Protect your money, and most of all protect your family.

                                              Thank you and good luck

                                                  Clint Bell (Bell Home Inspection)   cwbell59@cox.net

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