Attitude of Gratitude

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Happy Friday!  It's time to assess the week and write what I'm grateful for.  I know another blogger does this, and I'm inspired, so let's all share the reasons we're grateful.

1.  We've had beautiful sunrises and sunsets all week long.

2.  We have turned a corner in history with our Presidential Election.  America has grown up and elected a competent statesman who is truly African-American.  Yay for us!

3.  Our stocks went up this week.

4.  International opinion of our country is higher.

5.  I'm healthy, happy, in love, and doing what I'm passionate about.

6.  In spite of the tough road still ahead of our economy, I feel a wondrous sense of optimism.

7.  I had lot of fun last weekend celebrating Halloween (my favorite holiday) with friends and family.

8.  I have a job and a steady paycheck.

9.  My aging doggie is still happy, healthy, and wakes up each morning with a wagging tail and happy panting.

10.  I get to see my sweetheart this weekend.

11.  I'm moving forward in my music business and new opportunities are popping up out of unexpected places.  I'm delighted!

12.  I'm able to communicate with good people like you, who have become my Internet friends.

May we all have a delightful day that is happy, safe, profitable, loving, and beautiful.  Hugs and kisses to you all.--Jen Filzen

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Kim Wolcott & Krista Butler
Republic Mortgage Home Loans - Orting, WA

I am happy I still and working in the job I love.  Thank you for the positive words we all need to be reminded.

Nov 07, 2008 02:10 AM
Diane Daley
Caron's Gateway Real Estate - Northumberland, NH

Thanks for sharing... Greatful to still have the poelple I love around me ... 

Nov 07, 2008 02:14 AM
Linda Jandura
Raleigh Cary Realty - Apex, NC
Realtor, North Carolina Buyer & Seller Specialist

I'm most grateful for the beautiful fall colors this week, and being healthy enough to enjoy them.

Great list! We should all do it.

Nov 07, 2008 02:22 AM
Rob & Jeannie Steward - Realtors®
RE/MAX Advantage - Nashville, TN
We Work TWICE As Hard For You! - Ashton Group

I'm grateful that I have new 'qualified' buyers to take out tomorrow, and that the weather is great for washing the car today!     :)

Nov 07, 2008 02:51 AM
Betina Foreman
WJK Realty - Austin, TX
Realtor, C.N.E., with WJK REALTY

I am grateful to be getting over a cold and to have some new qualified Buyers to show property to this weekend.



Nov 07, 2008 02:56 AM