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I have done a small blog on single property websites, but as I am restructuring this product, I wanted to see if I could get some feedback on what is important from the agents standpoint.  So, agents, PLEASE let me know what is important to you in a single property website.

For those of you not familiar with this product, it is a great tool that not only helps sell your properties, but also attracts more listings.  I know what it is like when you are trying to list a property, and this is one more cost effective tool that I believe you should add to your arsenal.

A single property website is simply a one page website with pictures/slideshow and all the details of your listing with your contact information on it - plus, it has it's own domain name.  The domain name is usually the address or a part of the address - for example (not an active site).  The website and 1 years hosting is only $42.00.  For an additional $20.00 you can purcahse a rider to hang on your sign that will have the domain name printed on it.  All you have to do is email me a fact sheet and the pictures and I do all the work!

24 hour turn around time shows your seller that you mean business when it comes to selling their house.  The seller will get a kick out of email her 'new website' to all her friends and family - in effect, marketing her own home to a degree.  It also give you the ability to include the website name with all of your marketing materials.

If you have a virtual tour, you can add the link directly to this website as well!

Now, back to the original reason for this post...PLEASE give me some feedback about what is important in a single property website to you.  I am a photographer that was in the tech world for years, but I just need to knjow what would make this product attractive to you...what I can do to make myself stand out from the rest of the crowd.  This is a product that I really believe in and I believe that with your help, I can really create a dynamic product that will really help you guys.

Thanks for your help, and I look forward to hearing a lot of great feedback.

Jeff Gettings



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Rich Ferretti
Rich Ferretti Real Estate - Charlotte, NC
ABR QSC Realtor/Broker, Charlotte NC Real Estate a

Hi Jeff

As a courtesy to my clients I always provide single web site ie It helps me promote the property and it's easy for everyone to remember to pass it along.


Charlotte NC

Nov 07, 2008 06:31 AM
Jeff Gettings
J Gettings Photography - Biloxi, MS

Wow, that is great, and I love the look and feel of the site.

Nov 07, 2008 06:50 AM
Nicholas Ellsworth
North American Title Co. - Burlingame, CA


Feel free to check out the site our company offers.  A lot of agents in California has responded very well to our site.  It might give you some ideas...

Nov 07, 2008 07:16 AM
Jeff Gettings
J Gettings Photography - Biloxi, MS

As a side note, I am working on my pricing structure once again.  I am trying to get the price down to $30 for the website/1 year of hosting and $15 for the rider.  With any luck at all, in the next week or so I will be launching this product.  Website with 1 year of hosting + rider for only $45!!  Hopefully, this will generate a lot of business!

Nov 11, 2008 02:04 AM
Beach Company
The Beach & Company - Myrtle Beach, SC

Hello Jeff!

We use single property websites for our listings as well but any tech savy agent will tell you that there are sites out there that do this for free.  We get a free webiste for our listing, only spend $1.99 for a domain name on, and we are up and running.  Now don't get me wrong, I haven't seen your may be the best things since sliced bread :) We use  Check out your competition, and let me know what you can offer us for the $45. 

Oh and we can get Riders at our local sign company for $9 each with whatever you want written on it.  I need to be able to justify the additional spending so help me understand how your site can be valuable to the Real Estate agents of the Active Rain world.


Brianne "Brie" Bender

Nov 18, 2008 07:15 AM
Jeff Gettings
J Gettings Photography - Biloxi, MS


You are right, you can get a rider for $9.  I can too, however, I also have to mail it to you and that costs money.  $6 for ordering the sign for you, picking it up, and mailing it to your door doesn't seem all that unreasonable.  (I hope you read my comment above reducing the price of the rider to $15 and the site to $30)

I looked at the site, and I couldn't locate a place that you can change to URL for the single property listing to a specific domain name.  I am not saying that it isn't there, just that I couldn't find it.  Can you elaborate on where you change this at?  Everything that I read states that you get a SUBdomain through (i.e.,  What I offer is a domain name like .   Much easier for potential buyers to remember - and more meaningful.

As for the "$1.99 Domain name" from go daddy, you have to purchase additional non-domain purchase.  You are going to end up spending a minimum of $10 - $12 for the "$1.99" domain name.  That is simply a ploy to sell more of their non-domain products.

So far, you have $22 invested in a product that seems to be a subdomain only deal that has chosen advertisements on it - that, by the way, you can't control what content is placed on your clients 'site'. 

My product offers advertising free, real domain name, and we do all of the work for you.  Sure, it may cost an additional $23, but I believe that it is worth it.  You don't even have to leave your house/office to create it (gas savings)

As for specifics, I am still working out all of the details on exactly what all will be available from us on this site.

Can you give me an link to one of your single property websites that you have purcahsed a domain name for?   The only web addresses that I could find were VERY long and wouldn't begin to fit on a rider.

example listing:

Nov 18, 2008 07:55 AM
Scott Hoen
Carson City, NV
VP, Nevada State Manager, 714-270-9607

the ability to control the title and description of the site that gets posted to Google is a plus as well as placing key words on the site to assist you with SEO and marketing yourself.  Change your example to instead of 124 and you will see a good example.

This particular system allows you to burn a cd of the site for open house use or just a virtual flyer you can distribute with your branding

Dec 18, 2008 05:49 AM
Jerry Hill, Network Real Estate, Inc., Little Rock, AR


My questions is, what kind of impact has anyone seen from using the single listing website?

Dec 30, 2008 02:37 AM
Jeff Gettings
J Gettings Photography - Biloxi, MS

Hey Jerry, thanks for your question.  I honestly do not have the data on this.  I am simply going on 'gut feeling'.  As a buyer/seller, not a Realtor, I can say that I see the value in it.  I know that if I interviews multiple Realtors, and (all things being equal) one offers me a unique website and the others don't I would certainly go with the one that did.  Also, as a buyer, if I drive down the road and see a Realtor sign with a rider on it that has the street address/website address, it will be much easier for me to remember.  It kills 2 birds with one stone for the buyers.  It helps them learn more about the property and it keeps the physical address in front of them so they can locate that specific houe 'in th real world' again.

With a total investment of $45.00 per property, I would think it would at least be worth trying and seeing if it doesn't help you secure more listings and sell those listings faster. 

Dec 30, 2008 04:46 AM