Barack Obama States that “Change is Coming.“ If Only He Meant That Blue Tie!

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President-elect Obama and Vice President-Elect Biden had their first press conference since the election earlier this afternoon. Both men (seen here during the meeting prior to the press conference) are wearing the same type of pastel blue tie that President Bush is often seen sporting.

Obama Biden

I can clearly see that President Bush favors his pastel blue tie; he has worn some variation of that shade at several press briefings and speeches. But let me say one thing: STOP! The pastel blue tie favored by George Bush is not a power tie; nor is it a "presidential" tie as one late-night show host said when he had Senator Obama on the show.

Pastel ties are for the country club or the Deep South. Not even Donald Trump, a presumably powerful icon, can successfully wear that pastel pink tie and still be taken seriously. When worn with a dark power suit, pastel ties send a mixed message, so it's a proverbial oxymoron. Will someone please call Obama and Biden and give them the news? Not even "change" is represented by this wimpy color!

Your thoughts?

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