Lake Keowee - Upstate South Carolina

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Over the past few months it has become more and more evident what a real Treasure we have in Lake Keowee.  The drought in our area has gone beyond severe and has reached critical stage.  The surrounding Lakes in our region are showing the ill effect of this drought.  Lake Hartwell has now gone over the 20 foot mark in its steady decline.

We are fortunate that Lake Keowee is only at 7 feet below full pond and one of the main reason being the scheduled outage at the power plant for repairs.

I have lived in alot of places around this country and have seen many lakes and it is tough to find one that offers us as much as Keowee does.  We have the benefit of our climate to stretch out our enjoyment of the lake.  We have scenic beauty of the mountains to our west.  We have the beauty of the lake shoreline with the pines and beautiful homes that surrounds its waters.

If you really did look around this country and try to find a lake with what Keowee has to offer it might be possible but we would definitely rank amoung the top ten.

We do have a hidden jewel here that has in my opinion has yet to be totally discovered.  In some cases that is a good thing.

Again I think we need to count our blessings that we have what we do in Lake Keowee. 

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