Halloween...hysteria or holiday?

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Have you noticed that every year the Halloween celebrations and festivities seem to get a bit more elaborate and "edgier" than you remember it being the previous year? Crazier parties, more "block parties" with lots of food, contests & entertainment, "intellectual" costumes, like "Freudian slip" or "Red tape"? On one hand, I find it very entertaining, funny even. On the other hand, it offers another avenue to blow of steam, exhibit tendencies of excess, get a little crazy, without being condemned for it. We've relegated the day to holiday status as we gleefully wish others a "Happy Halloween" and go about our daily activities. Our homes, offices and stores are decorated in tasteful to outrageous themes of the occasion, with the holiday black and orange colors. It's the one day of the year when you can call a woman a "witch" and she isn't offended. In fact, she might even ask you if you think she really looks good like a witch?? Go figure! You can call a man a "monster" or a "ghoul" and he'll smile and say "Thanks!" Hysterical holiday!

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