Love conquers all

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There was a very touching scene in the episode of "House" that I was watching last night and the first thought that came to mind was that "...true love conquers all". The woman had been diagnosed as having contracted a rare sleeping disease that was probably an STD. Both denied ever having an affair. After being told that she was not responding to all of the treatments and that the last option was a treatment that would either kill or heal her, the husband, standing over his gravely ill wife who lay there in a coma, said " some ways I don't think I want her to get better. Does that make me a bad person?" The doctor stared quietly back at the man and thought for a long time. "Yes...but she loves you so much" she said. He agreed to the treatment which eventually brought his wife out of the coma. In the last scene, he walks up to her, holds her fragile hand in his and whispers in her ear. She begins to sob as we turns, grabs his overnight bag at the foot of the bed and walks down the hall of the hospital towards the exit. The doctor calls after him "...she really loves you." It struck me then that no matter what happens, true love can conquer all things. Food for thought.

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