INVITATION: How to Understand & Cope with the Economic Crisis- John Tuccillo

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New MasterMind Call - 11/13/2008 @ 9:00AM Pacific

How to Understand & Cope with the Economic Crisis

As the media continues to report a declining economy, sellers are panicking and buyers are leery.  What's an agent to do? Join the next MasterMind Call featuring former National Association of REALTORS® Chief Economist, John Tuccillo to find out.  John will be sharing his expertise in helping agents make sense of these uncertain economic times.  Learn how to better inform your clients about how they will be affected and what they need to know.

In addition to explaining the bailout's impact on real estate, John will also provide insights on what's in store for the next 6 months and when we can expect a recovery.  Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn and ask questions from one of the nation's top economists.

Attending this call will:

  • Provide you with answers that your buyers are looking for
  • Find out what you should be doing with your business right now
         o For example- Where to cut back and where to bulk up
  • Learn what the new President can do to boost the real estate industry
  • Get a glimpse of where interest rates will be a year from now
         o Hint- Make sure you're sitting down when you hear this!

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