Roanoke City and County homes for sale

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX 1st Realty

As of today, Friday 11/7, there are 1413 active residential real estate listings in Roanoke and Roanoke County. In all, the entire Roanoke Valley has 3938 homes available. Keep in mind that this figure does not include commercial, farm, land or multi-family homes. If this is not a buyers' market, then there never was one!

The problem is, it seems that everyone is afraid to make the commitment to purchase a home. In short, my advice on that issue is this: If you have stable employment, I mean if you really feel certain that there is no risk of losing your job and in the event that you did, you would be able to find comparable employment quickly - then this is your opportunity to take advantage of a down market. Buy now if you can! I believe that, nationwide, if every american in that situation would act and purchase, home prices would quickly begin to rise and our economy could be recued from its' impending doom.


Think about it. That is "stimulus package" we need - and positive media could accomplish that!

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