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Getting Listings in Todays Competative Market

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Since I started out in the Real Estate Industry, I always thought that being a listing broker would be the  route I would take in attaining business.  And to this day that has been the case.  Now, more than ever, their are more and more agents in the markets that Realtors like yourselves and I need to compete with. 

What I have learned from being a top listing agent in my office for the past few years is to be knowledgeable of your market.  The more confidence and knowledge you show your seller, the more comfortable they will feel with not only listing their home with you, but referring you business down the road.  It takes familiarizing yourself with the community, the people and inventory.   


Al Casalnova

Just a way also to get more listings. I go to every garage sale I can early in the morning. If anything I allways get stuff for myself. But in talking to the home owner, you find out if they are having the sale in preperation for moving. ( a lot of times they are) So if they don't have a realtor yet, guess who they end up listing with. Even if they are not selling, you have an adress and a name to drop a card in the mail to. Hey I was at your garage sale this weekend, I'm the one that bought the dalmation cookie jar etc. Then stay in touch with them if they ever do sell or no someone that is.

The house may already be listed, nothing wrong with tracking to see when it expires, then you can send the same letter.

Al Caz Casalnova

I am also a stand up comic, the joke of the week is...Business has been slow around our office, the only closings around here are retail stores. For more real estate related comedy, please visit www.acnewhouse.com  and watch the video.

Dec 19, 2008 04:14 AM