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                     Keeping in Touch with your Clients 2008

We all take advantage of the fact that we believe our clients (the folks who generate income for
our families and lifestyles) know how much we want to assist their needs and get  compensated
for it but we are the only ones who really know this and our actions(or sometimes lack of)
determine what happens throughout the process.

We have heard so many times that in the real estate sales business you must have leads(or
contacts) to survive.  Whether you are listing or selling you have to have someone to do
this with.  Again, this brings us to dealing with the client.  Our communication is so very
important.  We need to attract them to us by great avenues of marketing and then offer them
something to keep their attention alive.

I had the pleasure of attending a seminar with Pat Zaby at the NAR Convention in Orlando on
November 8, 2008.  Pat has been in this industry since 1968 and made all the right changes
in his business to keep in touch with me since I met him many years ago as a Certified
Residential Specialist in the early 1980's.

I have attended Pat's seminars and kept in touch through his email newsletters
( and believe he knows how to stay in touch with the people that
mean the most to us in our business.  This week he shared many little tools that are free
Yes, in times of tight budgets, FREE is the best thing we have going in our business! 
Take a look at  This is a great program that allows you as you are driving
down the road, your mind keeps thinking of all the folks you need to contact or send an
email to and you can auto dial a number and enter your thoughts through a voice message. 
Jott Apps helps you stay organized the way that works best for you. Whether you want the
simplicity of a desktop list application in Jott Express, you are obsessed with your
iPhone or BlackBerry, or you live in Outlook or iGoogle all day, Jott has an application
that works the stuff you can't live without. Yes, another brain to keep you organized with
a better memory than you!

Here is a great one for all of us who just cannot remember things that we need to know! 
Text 242242 which is ChaCha on your phone and wow---ask it anything!  The answer will be
returned to your phone via text messaging.  Why spend time wondering when you have all
this information right at your fingertips! Try it -it knows everything you want to know!

Here is another source that we all have seen advertised but I never realized that it could
be used for this application. You can use this application to
present contracts, share your MLS stats instantly with a client to show them what you see
about SOLD properties and why they need to accept the offer and quit waisting valuable
maketing time. Great for folks out of town, overseas, or just too busy to have time
available to see you during your working hours.  No more going out to get signatures
at 10:00pm at night across town in a storm!

Times are good and these are just a few tools that make a difference in our lives as
real estate professionals.  If you would like any further information, please feel free
to contact me at or check out one of our great websites

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