Gotta Love the Media!

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How many times have you heard from the public "There's just no point in buying or selling right now, the market is too shaky for me... I may wait until spring." ??? 

I bet over the last 2 months, I have heard that saying or one similar to it countless times.  BUT!  I have been able to increase my business over the last few months and increased my buyers portfolio to a career high.  In other words, DO NOT TAKE WHAT THE MEDIA TELLS YOU TO BE THE REAL TRUTH!

Because Canada and probably North America wide have had such amazing returns in real estate over the last few years, the public has forgotten what it used to be like before the big boom.  Yes, properties are still selling.  Yes, people are still making amazing returns.  Yes, its still a great time to buy.  But the media is now drowning the public in propaganda about the US financial crisis and therefore corrupting their own perception of the market.  In my opinion, you need an experienced realtor working for you who KNOWS your local market and can find you a great deal when buying property or maximizing your selling price. 

I still think its rather funny when i meet people for the first time and they instantly ask what i do.  When they know i am in real estate, the real estate market will become the topic of choice.  Upon explaining about investments with 68% returns in less than a year, where to be spending your money to get ahead of the others still "watching the market", and how i sell homes faster and for more money using interesting selling methods, the beat of their drum suddenly changes.  Its almost like a new awakening has begun and watching how fast they explain this system to others quite flattering. 

I will cap this blog off saying... (and I know you saw this coming) If you, or someone you know, is thinking of buying or selling real estate please keep me in mind.  I am never too busy for any of your referrals.

Make it a great day!

Kevin Turner

RE/MAX Bridge City Realty


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