Finding Our Niche- What it Takes to Get Ahead of the Competition

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Very few of us have the luxury of being the only professional in our marketplace offering our particular service. Competition is constantly at our heels, hoping to catapult one step ahead of us. For this reason, we must continually strive to differentiate ourselves from any competition we may have.

Dan Sullivan, President of The Strategic Coach Inc. and co-author of The Great Crossover, provides a solution. According to Sullivan, if you wish to remain in the upper echelon of your profession you must "...disregard your own commodity and focus on deepening the power and possibility of all your relationships."

This means that no matter how much better our business model may be, we cannot assume that the rest of the world will beat a path to our door. Our service needs to encompass more than that; it needs to be a positive and unforgettable experience.

Why do children love McDonald's? Are their palates predisposed to the flavor of one fast-food restaurant over another? The answer is probably no. Instead, they crave the McDonald's experience, which includes the colorful decor, and a predictably familiar setting regardless of which worldwide location their parents take them to. They want the playground they've come to expect and the free toy they will expect to find in their Happy Meal. This is all a part of the experience McDonald's has built into their marketing plan.

How can we make clients fall in love with our business? Do we have untapped opportunities to pamper or serve them? Envision what we could do to win the hearts of our clients, and focus on our real commodity.

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Ed Vogt
Midwest Properties of Michigan - Grandville, MI
Grandville, MI Midwest Properties
We want our clients to have a wonderful experience with us and that's important.  It's the small things you do that add up and maybe separate you from the rest.  Building relationships is very crucial.
Apr 18, 2007 12:19 AM
Christina Ethridge
The North Idaho Dream Team powered by SKE Realty Group - Coeur d'Alene, ID
It starts with information and then follows up with service - and I'm not talking about extra special things, I'm talking about the basics - talking to your clients often, listening to them, helping them achieve their goals.
Apr 18, 2007 12:37 AM
Colorado Springs Real Estate
Colorado Springs, CO

The basics are very important (listening, communication), but what sets you apart is the small things.

Apr 18, 2007 01:10 AM

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