Thinking of offering flat fee MLS listings along with your full-service business?

Services for Real Estate Pros with ADDvantage Real Estate Services

ADDvantage is opening its state-of-the-art flat fee MLS website ( and its flat fee MLS listing software platform to all agents, brokers and websites in the United States starting late November 2008.

The ADDvantage brand of flat fee MLS is chosen 2 to 1 over our closest flat fee MLS competitor in Florida for many reasons.

You can now benefit from our established Internet presence and brand recognition for service products through our website, "" in conjunction with our state-of-the-art MLS listing software.

You don't have to move your license to ADDvantage to "license" our platform. You can join the ADDvantage Real Estate Network and stay with your current broker, or, if you wish to move your license to ADDvantage, we are members of 25 Florida MLS Realtor Associations.

We offer a flat fee MLS platform (, a full-service platform (, a client interface platform, "" and the best read Realtor-to-Realtor e-blasting platform, "Street Smart ADDvantage." All of these sites will enable your existing full service or flat fee clients to seamlessly communicate and control key elements of their MLS listing such as changing their price (all on their own), reporting issues about their listing and other important "Realtor" functions such as our offer and contract-to-close tracking systems. You will never look for a file again as the platform is 100% paperless and intuitive.

Our platform tracks, stores and manages any document with a click. All email communications, buyer leads and showing requests are just clicks away.

Our "showing eye" icon automatically stores they exact seller showing instructions so there are ever any mistakes.

We built this MLS listing management platform to make ADDvantage a profitable flat fee MLS operation. We have succeeded and now we are ready to offer our successful business model to any licensee, broker or website that wants to diversify their income stream or manage their clients' MLS listings more efficiently with clicks, not faxes, emails and paper files.

To register for more information, click here. We will notify you as soon we are ready to launch in late November. Licensing fees start at $99 a month and exclusive territories will be available outside of Florida.

Agents that wish to join ADDvantage of Florida, we will offer you the following websites: (flat fee MLS) (full service)

Agents, broker and websites anywhere in the United States that wish to license our platform will have the use of the following websites: (flat fee MLS listing platform) (full-service client interface)

Hit the ground running, as we are a total solution for any agent, broker or website to be 100% efficient whether you are a full-service agent or brokerage, or wish to diversify into the flat fee MLS listing business.

Questions? Call us 1-727-942-2929

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