Realtors. We must be the happiest people in America.

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I just read a Yahoo Hot Jobs article by Kristina Cowan entitled Where do Americas Happiest People Work?  As I looked over the list, possibly hopping to find a new carreer path, it dawned on me that as Realtors we perform all of these jobs on a regular basis.  So what does that make us?

1. Clergy - conduct religious worship and perform spiritual functions.  (OK this one is a stretch.)

2. Firefighters - control and extinguish fires.  (This should probably be #1)

3.  Travel Agents - plan transportation and accommodations for customers.  (And as agents we get to pay for said transportation too.)

4. Architects - plan and design structures.  (Or at least offer our opinions on the plan and design.)

5. Special Education Teachers - teach educationally handicapped students.  (Enough said.)

6.  Actors & Directors - play part in production for entertainment, information, or instruction.  (Sometimes we are the director and sometimes the actor.)

7. Science Technicians - use theories of science and math to solve problems.  (Everytime you fill out a net sheet or explain the clients financing options.)

8. Misc. Mechanical and Repair Occupations -  repair and adjust mechanical items.  (I know you have fixed something on at least one house.)

9. Industrial Engineers - design, test, and evaluate integrated systems.  (Check the plumbing, electrical and heating/AC systems.)

10. Airline Pilot/Navigators - pilot and navigate aircraft in regularly scheduled transportation.  (OK and we rarely use an airplane to get our clients from one property to another but think SUV here.)

So there you have it.  Realtors!  We have to be the happiest people in America.  Right?

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Michael Scher
Austin Home Inspection Team - Austin, TX

I know a couple of realtors who are former pastors and they do as much 'counseling' with couples as realtors as they did as pastors.

Nov 11, 2008 09:16 AM