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Windermere is a small town a few miles south west of Orlando, established in 1889.  The sumptuous neighborhoods set among the lakes of Windermere have luxury written in every address.   Isleworth, Keene's Point, Oxford Moor, Belmere, Bay Hill, Lake Butler Sound, Tilden's Grove and more... Just six miles north of Walt Disney World, these upscale communities in Windermere are very stylish areas to live.   Residents include wealthy professionals, pop stars, athletes, celebrities, L.A. Lakers basketball player Shaq, professional golfer Tiger Woods, as well as other professional sports figures.   Posh country-club living is what dreams are made of: guest houses, private golf courses, acres of finely manicured surroundings and every conceivable luxury.

Lake Butler on the West is the largest lake in Windermere, on the East is Lake Down, and Lake Bessie is on the South East.  By means of a system of canals, Butler, Down and six other Lakes are connected to form what is known as the Butler Chain.

Windermere town logoWindermere's logo is based on that of the Town of Windermere, England
The top left quarter shows 3 Windermere yachts, quite famous at one time.
The top right quarter is symbolic of an ancient gate denoting Windermere as the gateway to the Lake District.
The bottom left quarter is the flag of St. George, Patron Saint of England.
The bottom right quarter represents three char, a rare and delicious species of trout, which are caught in Lake Windermere at a depth of at least 90 feet using gold or gold-plated lures.

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