Aventura and Sunny Isles Rentals! So what about our Fury Friends (pets)???? Pet friendly communities

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Communities in Aventura in Miami like people come in all shapes and sizes and communities are just as vast in options as a renter's likes and dislikes may be.  However, often I hear of folks finding the perfect home for themselves but unfortunately it may not be the perfect home for their pet.  As we know most people who have pets consider the pet as a member of the family and although the pet may not have an actaul voice to express their likes and dislikes, they still have needs.  As an animal lover I completely understand this.  Naturally some pets have more needs that others.  In my experience I have found that dog people are more needy when picking a home than cat people.  Cats usually fit within a weight limit in a condo much easier than do dogs (obviously small dogs excluded).  However, you still need to make sure that the community even accepts pets and they are a PET FRIENDLY COMMUNITY. 

Here are some common pet restrictions in communities through out the market:

Pet weight restrictions (undre 20 lbs, under 30 lbs, etc)

None aggessive breeds only

You must carry your pet in common areas or leash your pet in common areas

Owners may have pets but tenants may not.

How many pets may one resdent actaully keep.

Pet deposits may be requires

The list goes on and on.  Pet restrictions are usually part of the condo board rules and regulations.  Most condo boards require that you residents register their pets with a picture. 

However, I have never run into a board that doesnt make an exception for a special needs dog or a working dog (ex. police or fire station dog). 

So keep in mind to ask the condo board what their pet rules are when picking our your next home.  Some communities in my market whcih accept pets and have great ameniteis for pets are: Village byt he Bay, Parc Central, Willimas Island, The Venture, Aventi and there are several others.

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