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Ever forget?....It happened to me...again...and again!

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I recently had the opportunity to attend a workshop in Chicago on memory training.  My original thought in going to this was to help me remember names of people I had met and worked with.  How many of you have met someone, gotten their name, and then as soon as the handshake was over... POOF!!  There goes anything that you had just learned about them?  That was me.  I made excuses to myself that this was just some obscure form of temporary ADD that wouldn't last.  

I didn't know what to expect at first.  As soon as we got started though, all these weird stories were thrown at us quickly.  I remember thinking "what have I gotten myself into?" Then, like a lightbulb I realized that I had remembered everything about the story!  I was shocked.  Then we went into the applications of memory training and how it can be translated, not only to the business of real estate, but to everyday life.  

Now, I won't get into the concepts and ideas apart from the fact that the human brain has a language.  That language is images.  Pictures!  There is no possible way for me to teach you this.  I will leave that to the incredible instructors of Freedom Personal Development.  All I can say is this: 

1.  I have no problem remembering people's name and am confident that if I see them 6 months from now, I will still know it.

2.  I have set up mental filing cabinets that can be accessed quickly and easily (sometimes unconsciously).

3.  There is still so much to learn and I can't wait to see how it will reflect in my business.


If you're a real estate agent, or anyone in the business world, I highly recommend taking this course.  It's 2 days, 7 hours total and it can change your life.  If you have any questions or have had the opportunity to take this course, let me know what you think and how it has helped you.  I'll let you know my stories as they come!