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I have just come back from the REALTORS national conference.  Many great speakers bringing helpful info.  As usual, I learned a lot.  A couple of interesting items I wanted to share.  One is that houses are beginning to sell in areas that have been terribly down, Michigan, Florida, California.  They are selling for lower prices than they would like to be selling for, but their volume is slowing rising.  That is an encouraging word for the parts of the country that are just slower. We in Franklin, TN have lots of inventory that are great prices for buyers. People are buying houses.  They are looking at the affordability of housing and buying. 

Some people would say that money and mortgages are unavailable.  That is not really the case at this time.  It may take a bit of hunting to find what will work for you.  FHA loans are up.  There are a number of First Time homebuyer products.  And the lenders were out in force at the convention.  There is money, it just may require a little searching for the best products for the clients.

Also, the interest in the new GREEN Designation is huge.  People are eager to take that course and move ahead in their knowledge.  Take the designation course and start learning.  It is interesting in many ways.

Have a great week!

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Monica - Thanks for the information. I am always curious about the Green thing. I'm all about energy conservation, and I can't think of a better way to save energy than to buy a new home. The efficiency of a new home compared to a home that's even 10 years old is amazing.

Nov 13, 2008 12:11 AM