ZipForm®Online and your Top Producer 8i account- Part II : Importing Contacts

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In my last blog (ZipForm®Online and your Top Producer 8i account- Part I: Setup Instructions), I provided instructions on how to integrate your Top Producer 8i account with your ZipForm®Online account.  Now that your accounts are setup you can now start to import contacts from your Top Producer 8i account to a ZipForm®Online transaction. 

Importing Contacts from Top Producer to a ZipFormOnline Transaction.

Step 1 -
After you have logged into ZipFormOnline elect the transaction that you want to import contact information into.

Step 2 -
From the Select Action drop-down at the right, select Partners to open the Select Partner pop-up window.

Step 3 -
Click on the Top Producer icon in the SelectPartner pop-up window.

Zipform Partner_Top Producer 8i

Step 4 -
Enter your top Producer User Name and as much search criteria as you wish then click Search. (Information must be entered in the fields.)

ZipForm/Top Producer Interface

Step 5 -
When the search is returned, choose the appropriate contact and click Select.

Step 6 -
Now select which Role this contact is in the Transaction and click Save In Transaction.

Repeat process for as many Contacts and Roles as you would like.

Close Window and open the appropriate transaction. The information just imported from Top Producer 7i will be populated in the transaction.

***Please note. The information imported will not immediately show on the menu page. It will once you have opened the transaction and saved.

Please call or email me if you are an real estate agent in North or South Carolina that needs additional assistance with this setup or if you would like to order any additional Top Producer products.

Tim Winters

Regional Sales Associate- NC & SC



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