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Real estate in Florida versus real estate in London

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And we think we are the only ones suffering of the foreclosure symptoms?

I went to visit our marketing office in London, Mayfair International.  I loved the location of the office in Mayfair and the people were fabulous. It was very interesting sharing ideas of how we sell here and our market here compared to theirs.  Amazingly enough with this economy London is facing what we are facing in our Miami market.  Their prices are collapsing and foreclosures are spurting all over.  Sounds familiar ? Yes, they have the same symptoms as we have.

We are very lucky that in Florida, real estate agents can show any and all properties listed.  In London each office holds some listings of properties for sale.  That means you have to go boutique shopping when looking for property. I went to several offices and found myself not being able to see anything during my visit. 

While for us in Miami the way we work is that we can show you anything that is listed for sale in Florida from any area from any realtor.  That means you only need to shop with ONE Realtor and you can see everything.  We are so priviledged !! It is sooooooo easy to shop in Miami.  Come visit us ! 


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Annette Reeve

Hey Judy, it was a pleasure to see you in London and have the opportunity to compare notes on our respective markets. The US MLS certainly makes it much easier to find a property on your side of the pond than it is here and buyers are safe in the knowledge that they have seen the whole market and not missed a gem somewhere. This is great for buyers from the UK who decide to buy in Florida. UK interest rates went down 1.5% last week - the lowest level since 1954 - so we are hoping for more activity and fewer foreclosures in the months to come.

Nov 11, 2008 08:46 PM