Bliss for Less than a Minute - Original Instrumental & Video

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This track is a synthesizer instrumental I wrote called "Bliss for Less than a Minute (At a Time)". In addition to writing and performing the brief amount of music on this track, I produced a video to accompany the track.

Bliss for Less than a Minute (At a Time) - The Jay Allen One

And here's the video...

What do you think about the track and/or video?

Best regards,

Jay Allen

Comments (2)

Mike D
Henderson, NV

Hey Jay, I like it a lot!  It has a lot of the minimalist movement flavor to it.  I don't know if you know the works by Steve Reich or not, but check out one of his works called Six Marimbas.  It is a reworking of a piece he wrote called Six Pianos...but I think it works better on the marimba.  Your piece reminded me of it in a way.  

Nov 14, 2008 04:14 AM
Jay Allen
MovieVoice Production Co. - Paducah, KY
Mike, thanks for your comment! I was not familiar with Reich, but just listened to bit from Amazon and I like it. The mood of what I heard sounds like what I usually try to achieve - calming and creepy at the same time... Anyway, when you get a chance let me know what you think of my other recordings. Best regards, Jay
Nov 14, 2008 04:38 AM