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When you think of a Virtual Tour you probably assume it is for an online real estate property listing.  Although this is the most common use of a tour, there are other situations where a video tour comes in very handy.

I have made video records of houses being rented out for the agent or landlord so that they have proof of the state of the house (or condo) before the renter moves in. This can avoid disputes when the lease is over and the renter claims that hole in the wall or the gash in the middle of the living room floor were there when they moved in.  

Another type of video which I just did was for a builder who had a very picky buyer and hired me to go over the morning of the closing and film the condition of the new house.  The purpose was to show that there were no scuffs, marks, cracks etc.  That way he has proof that the movers or the family are responsible for any cosmetic damage they may complain about after moving in, and he can contest damage they claim on the "punch list" if it truly wasn't there that morning. 

These types of Video Tours are different from the real estate marketing tool.  Obviously they are longer, and usually are done handheld to facilitate easy moving at a normal pace through the house.  Often the agent or owner will be in the video as the "guide", describing any imperfections of note in each room and highlighting any pertinent information.

Another use can be before a move to show the existence- and condition of any valuables, especially collections or breakables.  This can be a lifesaver if you need proof that you owned items that you claim are now missing, or to prove intact condition before the move for any insurance claims.

Of course Virtual Tours are becoming more and more popular on the MLS, and other web sites.
Remember that you want a natural looking, appealing tour that adds to what your photos can convey, not just show a slide show with music. 

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