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Are you behind on your mortgage payments? If you've had a hardship in your life or your mortgage interest rate adjusted to a payment that is out of reach, a Loan Modification can get you a fresh start. Whether it was a job loss or illness or other setback in you life, We Can Help! If you are stuck in an ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) and can not refinance into a low fixed rate, there's a solution!

Advantage Home Savers
The Foreclosure Prevention Specialists

We at Advantage Home Savers are dedicated to helping homeowners keep their families in the warm, safe place they call home. We achieve this by negotiating with your mortgage company to work out a solution that not only allows you to retain your home, but makes it affordable to pay in the future.

Custom Tailored Results
Everyone's financial Situation is Unique

Before we begin the negotiation process with your lender, we construct a detailed analysis of your specific financial situation. This allows us to discover exactly what changes need to be made to your current mortgage to save your home and keep it indefinitely.

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Jim Metcalfe


Where are you?  You haven't responded to my recent Emails or Voice mails. The loan modification process that we sent you the fee for has been dragging on for over 4 months. So far we haven't seen any results or even got any straight answers from you. Is this the professional way to treat the clients that come to you in good faith? With all this time lost we are now in foreclosure and I am scrambling to save my house on my own. As I mentioned in a recent Email we are terminating this relationship and have asked you to refund our entire fee as it hasn't been earned and we need it to help save our house. I hope you don't treat your other clients like this. Do the right thing and send our money back and it will end right there.

May 14, 2009 11:03 AM