Ok. Now it's bottom feeder time.

Real Estate Broker/Owner with ILM Realty

Over the 5 years from 2001 - 2006, did you ask yourself, "if only I bought this properties back then... they were so cheap!" I do not know if any of us has a crystal ball anymore, but I believe we are nearing a bottom. The amount of land we has is constant and more people are moving into the US than leaving it. The supply-demand principal states that if there is a limited supply with an increasing demand, the value of the asset tends to rise. In 2020, you will be hearing people same, "I should have bought this properties when..." It's time to get off the fence and buy. Be a bottom feeder and grab the low hanging fruit. The only real estate I have owned in the last 2 years is my primary residence. That was until this week. I'm back in the game, baby! There are great opportunities waiting for people with some wherewithal to come along and start shaking up the system.

Buy foreclosures. Bring your firneds to the table. Has anyone looked at the numbers on multi families lately? They are starting to work again. Let's get back in the game!

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