Cell Phone Popularity Heralds Next Revolution in Real Estate Sales

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Move over internet! The next revolution in real estate sales is happening on cell phones. It wasn't that long ago that the posting of MLS listings on the internet forever changed the way people shopped for houses. Savvy realtors eager to capitalize on web-searching house hunters started adding detailed descriptions and photo slide shows to website listings. Today 90% of home buyers begin their search on the internet. But cell phone popularity is signaling the next big change in real estate marketing.


As the versatility of cell phones increases, industry experts expect them to surpass computers as an information and business tool within the next decade. Google Engineering Director Andy Rubin predicts that in the very near future all cell phones will have complete computer functionality. Apple's iPhone and a growing number of strong competitors already combine mobile phone service with defined email and internet access, GPS locator functions, picture taking and manipulation, interactive gaming and a host of other amazing capabilities.


With the speed at which communications and computer technology are changing, enhanced cell phones are quickly becoming the premier business tool for power players in the real estate industry. TxT2Sell gives you a jump on the competition by putting the impressive power of cell phone communication into your hands today.


TxT2Sell allows you to send MLS listing details and multiple photos of houses for sale to potential buyers instantly via cell phone. You never miss a potential sale. Equally important, the TxT2Sell reporting system provides you with a complete list of cell phone contacts. With so many people dropping their landlines -- and thereby their phone book listings -- in favor of cell phone use only, TxT2Sell gives you a valuable tool for contacting potential clients.

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