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It's a Buyer's Market and a great time to purchase a brand new home!

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Each day we are overwhelmed with emails from builder's that include their fabulous sales!  Many of these homes have been discounted 10-20% or include an allowance for decorating, upgrades, etc.  These are great new construction homes that are ready for immediate move-in.  Many people are scared to act upon these bargains because they don't feel that now is the right time to sell.  However, consider that the amount you save on the purchase of your new home may be more beneficial than holding on to your existing home. 

Our role when our clients purchase a new construction home is to be their guide, giving them advice and opinion, and working EXCLUSIVELY for our client!  If you work without a real estate agent, the builder is representing only themselves, which means that the buyer has no representation.  Most builders have their best interest in front of the buyer's best interest.  Many buyers are under the false impression that if they purchase a home without a Realtor, they can save money on their new construction home.  This is incorrect for a number of reasons:

1)  Most builder's have a marketing department that budgets Realtor's commissions and do not take these commissions into account when pricing a home.

2)  Builder's will not reduce the price of the home by the amount of our commission because they need their sales prices to stay high so that other comparable homes they build will appraise for higher amounts.

3) Many builder's appreciate the services of a Realtor and prefer that the buyers have a 3rd party representing them.  In the case of an unsatisfied customer, they will typically turn to the Realtor for help and advice rather than blame the builder.

4) We know what the bonuses the builders are offering because they advertise these to us daily.  You may think that walking in yourself and negotiating directly with the builder will yield you a better deal.  However, we already know what their advertised terms are so we can help you negotiate even better terms than that.  Our experience with past new construction buyers allows us to help you get a phenomenal deal!

Many real estate experts have predicted that DFW will have it's normal busy spring season in 2009--act on these great deals now before it is too late!  Let us show you who has the best homes and help you get the most for your money!


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