We want you to take the lead!

Title Insurance with Coastline Title Agency of Pinellas

In my last memo to active rain I tried to motivate all of my Real Estate friends to continue MARKETING! It is difficult to stay motivated and not lose hope during this time.  Believe me I have to re-create myself  daily listening to my old success audio tapes in the car and telling myself over and over again "YOU ARE A GOOD SALES PERSON ITS JUST THE CURRENT MARKET!" until I finally convince myself and create a new marketing idea. Which my dear colleagues is the reason for this message. Insured Title has discovered a way to do marketing for both of us.

Each time you close at Insured Title we ask your client to reccomend you as an agent/loan officer  and ITA  as a closing agent to the neighbors surrounding the closed property. We then send the letter of recomendation to 100 of the closest addresses to the property. 

Mail marketing has worked for the past 15 years of my career and it can work for you! If you are interested in creating a new campaign, marketing time line and budget for the new year.... E-mail or call me and I will be happy to help.

Above all hang in there! Stay positive! Negativity only makes the situation worse and attracts more negativity. Chant with me.... "I AM A GOOD SALES PERSON ITS JUST THE CURRENT MARKET."