9/11 Remembered

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 I would like to take a minute to just remember those that lost their lives 5 years ago as they went about a daily routine as they had done so many times before. To remember the Hero, that asked for no praise, as they ran into a building and struggled through a chaotic maze. Let us remember the people the spent countless hours digging through the ashes and rumble in hope and despair. Let us remember the lives affected that day, a day that started out not so different then the previous for so many. Let us remember those that never came home at the end of the day and those that sat waiting for any news of their loved ones. Let us remember that a change took place that day and it reverberated across the state, the country and the world. Let us remember how strangers pulled together to help in a common effort.  Take just a moment to look at your life and what you value the most in your life. Spend a few extra minutes with the people you love this morning and do not be so rushed to get on with your busy life, it will still be there when you start. We have the opportunity to do this today, on September 11th; many wished they could have done that in retrospect. Often we take for granted what we have in our lives until it has been disrupted, take a moment and really look at those around you, and what you really have going for you in your life. Take a minute and call that person that you have wanted to call for some time. Do not start your day off angry and bitter today, rather, cherish the life you have and share with others. Make this a day to reconcile some past issue that might be tugging at you, tomorrow sometimes does not always arrive. As you go about your day and start thinking of everything that might be going wrong or you dislike, regroup your thoughts and find something that you care about and makes you happy. When you think that you have been working to hard, let us remember those that had pushed themselves beyond the limit and did not complain. Let us remember that we are a nation of diversity that came together on that tragic day 5 years ago. Let us never forget the lives lost that day and how it affected so many people. Remember those that are close to you now and that we still have this day, this moment, to spend just a little more time and say the things that we may not say enough.

Professor X
NONE - Ludington, MI

Such an event is so sacred, so important, and so sad.  I am trying to take the time to make a comment on everybody's blog who has posted on the topic, because the memories of those who lost their life on this tragic day, deserve my time and prayers.

I remember you.  I will never forget you or this day as long as I live

Sep 11, 2006 12:57 PM
Dave Rosenmarkle
Highland Realty, Inc - Fairfax, VA
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My office is 5 minutes from the Pentagon. I cannot drive by without remembering the large,gaping hole, covered with a black tarp, American flags and flowers. We need to honor the memory of all who were lost.
Sep 12, 2006 10:29 PM