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I have had the pleasure (and the stress) of Staging multiple units in a single complex on a couple of occasions in my Home Staging career, and since it can be overwhelming I thought I would share some helpful tips!

If you have not yet read my recent post on Staging Model Homes please read that first, as I covered the important first steps of Staging Models:

• Figuring out who the targeted buyers are for the development, and
• Determining what those potential buyers are looking for in a home

You've read it? Great, let's move on...

When a developer or builder wants to Stage multiple model units in a development, the purpose is generally either to highlight more than one floor plan or to attract different types of buyers. So in working with the developer on selecting which units are to be Staged, you will need to discuss the types of buyers s/he is trying to attract with each model (a family, retirees, a young professional or a couple, etc). Again, see my original post for more on this topic.

Once you've determined which model is geared toward which type of buyer, you can move on to the next step...

Make sure each unit has a distinct look and feel.

Whether it be style (contemporary vs traditional), age appeal (retiree versus young professional) or color palette (warm earth tones versus ocean hues), there should be at least one design factor that helps to distinguish each of the models you plan to Stage from the others. You wouldn't want them all to look the same - where's the fun in that?! Not to mention that if the builder is investing in Staging more than one model s/he will expects that each of them will be different enough to warrant the extra expense.

Here are some of the ways to give multiple models a different look:

1) Room Usage
In your multi-unit projects, you may Stage one that has the 2nd bedroom set up as a child's room, and the other where it's Staged as a combo guest room/home office. If your models have more than 2 bedrooms, there are even more ways to get creative! Sometimes in a family neighborhood we Stage one of the extra bedrooms as a teenager's room. In this type of room we might use a full bed instead of a twin and we often add a small writing desk as well. We place a laptop and textbooks out on the desk and use fun trendy colors (usually oranges or greens) as an accent with a shaggy throw, pillows or art. This type of room is Staged in a more sophisticated fashion than a young child's room, so it's also versatile enough to appeal to anyone looking for a guest room or home office.

Teen Room 2

But bedrooms aren't the only rooms you have to think about. Consider the other main living spaces. In one model you may place a writing desk behind a sofa in the family room rather than using an entire bedroom for an office. This shows buyers extra value that they may not have seen without your help. Or if both units you're Staging have a breakfast nook in addition to a dining room, consider converting one of them into an office space. When you know your buyers will be touring all of the models, be creative! It's great for them to see alternate ways of using the space.

2) Color Palette
This may seem like a no-brainer, but choosing a different color palette for each model will not only help give the units a distinct look, it will also help a lot in organizing and prepping for the job (I will touch on this more later). You may decide to go a little more bold on a model geared more toward a young, trendy professional than you would if the unit was going to be marketed to a retiree couple or a young family. You might choose rich jewel tones for one unit and cool ocean hues for another. Using different color palettes will also help your buyers remember which model was which after they've gone in "I liked the layout of the one with the red & black living room."

Red & Black Living Room

3) Style
Consider selecting a different style for each unit. A model geared toward a young professional might be more sleek and contemporary with a platform bed and a white leather sofa, whereas a family home might be more traditional with comfortable and child-safe furnishings (e.g. no glass coffee tables or sharp edges). Again, this is about thinking like your buyer thinks!

Family Living Room

I had no idea this post would be so long, so I am breaking it up into 2 parts (for those of you who need a bathroom break)!

Back soon with...

Tips for Staging Multiple Model Homes - Part 2 (Organization and Preparation)



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Comments (4)

Kathy Riggle
Houston Home Staging

Great reminder tips for models, Annie. Very nice staging.

Nov 14, 2008 09:15 AM
Annie Pinsker-Brown
Stage to Sell - LA Home Staging - Los Angeles, CA
Stage to Sell, Los Angeles Home Stager

Thank you Kathy. Hope it's helpful for you.

Nov 14, 2008 10:11 AM
Beth Lester
Beth Lester Designs - Torrance, CA
Home Staging & Interior Decorating

Great ideas, Annie.  I love your teen rooms, and also the idea of making an office/guest room.  I wish I had done that in a recent home.  I'll know next time!

Sorry I didn't get a chance to speak with you at the round table yesterday.  You looked great, though!


Nov 15, 2008 12:34 AM
Annie Pinsker-Brown
Stage to Sell - LA Home Staging - Los Angeles, CA
Stage to Sell, Los Angeles Home Stager

Hi Beth, great seeing you yesterday. Sorry I had to run to take my mom to a doctor's appt. Thanks for your comment!

Nov 15, 2008 04:56 AM