Nothings over till we say it's over...

Real Estate Agent with REMAX All Star

When the going get's TOUGH.....(pause,pause,pause) THE TOUGH GET GOING!!!!!!!! As quoted from the classic movie ANIMAL HOUSE!!! Where's the spirit? Where's the guts?  Okay so this is stolen from the mouth of Bluto but I think you people know what I getting at here.  Yeah times are tough...the press is killing the consumer confidence of of our clients but I AM NOT GOING to listen to all that SPIN. Yes I said SPIN...because that is 95% of it AND the PRESS loves to make it worse. It is like a disease that infects people too...and then before you know the entire office is empty and everyone is running around acting like chicken little crying the sky is falling. I for one AM NOT going to be a chicken little...I'd rather be a BLUTO!!!!!!

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