A Not Made in China Christmas!!

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I posted about this last year also and got alot of response.  This year it is even more important!!!!

Last year I decided that I would give my kids a fabulous, NOT MADE IN CHINA Christmas.  How hard can it be to find things they like made in the USA?  Well, it was difficult, not because those items aren't out there, but because many retailers don't stock them.  I plan on sending a message that we need to have items made by our hard working people in the stores.  Why should all the chinese get our money?  They taint our children with lead and melamine, destroy our manufacturing jobs, and everything we buy is made by them.  Think about it.

I wanted to buy my daughter a doll, but most are not american.  You have to look closely.  I found a lovely french doll all knit and cuddly, FRENCH doll made in china!  What is that about?

I have also sworn off large corporate stores.  I am a small business owner and I want my money to stay in my area.  Only 3% or so stays when you purchase from walmart, but over 60% stays when you buy locally.

So anyway, I succeeded last year and I will this year.  None of my presents will be from Walmart or made in China.  I know people are watching their money, but there are ways to save money without selling our country. 

Keep in mind that quality over quantity can make the best Christmas ever.  There are some great websites like madeintheusa.com and notmadeinchina.com among others that list companies that provide wonderful american made products. 

Nothing speaks louder than our dollars.  If we all make an effort to buy something made in the US we will be stregthening our economy.  It has never been more important. for us and our children.

Also search for promotional codes before buying ANYTHING!  I saved 40 percent on a recent online purchase of my Christmas cards. 

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                                                                 Thanks, Terry

Nov 19, 2008 02:38 AM