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Vinings GA

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Vinings is an unincorporated town located in Cobb County, Georgia. Situated just across the Chattahoochee River from Atlanta, the town is home to a population of more than 10,000 residents. Because the town is so small, the United States Postal Service uses the city of Atlanta for all Vinings addresses.

The size of the town creates a charming sense of community for families, retirees, and the like. Similar to much of Cobb County, Vinings, GA relocation is on the rise, thanks to its close proximity to Atlanta. As a result, residents enjoy quiet, peaceful living, with access to major amenities that only a city of Atlanta's size and prowess can offer. Vinings differs from many other communities surrounding Atlanta, as it maintains a strong resolve to keep its uniqueness by avoiding urban sprawl. In addition, the Vinings Historic Preservation Society strives to keep the town's history alive.

The Vinings Historic Preservation Society was established by the Ruth Carter Vanneman Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit, charitable corporation that exists for the sole purpose of preserving Historic Vinings. The Pace House, Old Pavilion, and Vinings Center are structures that the Society works to preserve, as each building serves as a reference point for Vinings history.

Downtown Vinings, complete with street lanterns and a large clock tower, offers several shopping and dining opportunities. Each of the shops and dining establishments are housed within a group of buildings that feature architectural elements from the Victorian period. The shops, restaurants, office buildings, and other services there have maintained the integrity of Vinings historic significance, much like Vinings homes, condominiums, and apartment buildings.

As Vinings real estate grows, the streets of Vinings have been widened to accommodate the flow of new residents. Sidewalks have also been added to encourage more pedestrian traffic. Major corporations such as Home Depot and The Weather Channel are now headquartered in Vinings.

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