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St Augustine Condos are Selling in Late 2008 IF......

Real Estate Agent with Crescent Beach Realty of St. Augustine Fl

St Augustine Condos are selling in late 2008 at St. Augustine Beach and Crescent Beach, Florida.  I have been watching closely as people with cash are getting off the sidelines and purchasing ocean front condos to be specific.  We're talking cash buyers wanting premium properties. 

Examples:  Sand Dollar Condos at Crescent Beach saw two units go under contract within a week after being listed at $499K and $550K.  One closed a week later (mid November 2008). Both oceanfront.

Our office listed and got under contract a Summerhouse Condo in late October 2008 all within ten days and it closed 7 days later for cash.  It was oceanfront.

We saw an Ocean Sunrise Condo go for sale at $499K three weeks ago and go under contract within 5 days and close shortly thereafter.  It was oceanfront.

Visit our website by clicking here now:  http://www.crescentbeachrealty.com   Learn about all our condos on the beach with news and prices you can use.

We believe of particular value right now are a couple of oceanfront units at Ocean Village Club St. Augustine Beach.  Click here to see info and listings:  http://www.staugustinebeachcondos-oceanvillageclub.com

There are lots more examples like these.  Why?  Because the owners who really want to sell have found the bottom because buyers standing on the sidelines jump when the "price gets right" and getting the price right is sometimes tough without alot of research, alot of savvy insight by your agent and pure luck.  Yes, Ronnie Tumlin believes pure luck comes into play quite often.  The right buyer with the cash has to be wanting the particular unit you have and it has to be at the right price and the news of the day can't be totally terrible. 

We are spending most of our time right now convincing potential sellers that their property is not worth what they think it is, or what their neighbors think it is.  We are presenting the cold hard facts and illustrating what it takes to get potential buyers to make the offer.  It is a three fold solution:  Price, condition and view, and listing agent work in the trenches.  That simple.  It takes all three to be positive before a sale will occur, but if a seller really wants to sell and takes advantage of all three the sale is happening at St. Augustine Beach and Crescent Beach.

Ronnie Tumlin is an agent who works at St. Augustine Beach-Crescent Beach and sells mostly St. Augustine Condos.  I welcome suggestions and inquiries.  You can email me at:  rtumlin@crescentbeachrealty.com