Turnpike Authority “Sticks It To” Metrowest Commuters

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Turnpike Authority “Sticks It To” Metrowest Commuters

Framingham, Massachusetts

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So the Big Dig’s…Big Debt…

and the Turnpike Authority’s Big Mismanagement…

is now primarily the commuters from the western suburbs

Big Chunk of Change… from our pocketbooks!

Oh yeah…

It’s just been announced that the Turnpike Authority Board approved toll hikes of an additional .75 for a total of $2.00 tolls at the Weston and Allston toll plazas, and the tolls at the Ted Williams and Sumner Tunnels have been DOUBLED to $7.00 !!

And the chairman of the Turnpike Authority, Bernard Cohen, claims they had “no choice,…given the Authority’s massive debt.”

But they didn’t “choose” to add tollbooths to commuters into the city from the north shore, or south of the city.  They didn’t “choose” to increase tolls for commuting through the city, from one Boston tollbooth to another.

No..The Turnpike Authority “chose” to stick it to the commuters coming through to the city from the western suburbs.

So we the voters, elect mismanaging, debt acquiring politicians who then “stick it to us” further to pay for their free-spending ways and total mismanagement of the Big Dig.

They don’t even spread it around.  Just stick it to the people from metrowest Boston who daily commute into the city to try and earn a living.

What about accountability?  Responsibility?

What about bloated budgetsIrresponsible politicians?  Stepping stone politicians looking at the next rung on the ladder instead of laboriously working to straighten out the mess they claimed they were eager to fix, when campaigning for the job?

If you want your voice heard…then SPEAK UP!!

Before the Turnpike can officially approve the toll hikes, at least 2 public hearings must be conducted.  The Turnpike Authority expects to garner $100 million from this action.

That’s $100 million from we the people…

Turnpike commuters...toll income producers...get in your car...blow your horn…and let your voices be heard!


MassPike Board Approves Toll Hikes for Weston, Allston Plazas and Tunnels/