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We have all survived the hysteria created after the JP Morgan and the others scenario, the AIG thing, followed by the housing and the bank fiasco, and finally the election and its potential implications....WOW!!!

That gives me reason, along with the other obvious ones, to get excited about sitting down for the traditional holiday meal with all of our families and friends. This is indeed something to be grateful for. As far as real estate is concerned, with the passing of the election as well as the other crisies, I believe we will begin to finally see some sales land and hopefully they will initiate some least in a positive direction.

A conversation occured today between another local realtor and myself concerning a particular area here in Green Valley, Arizona. He had asked me about the status of a listing that Laura and I had around the corner from his listing. I told him that I was fortunate to have sold our listing. He was a little surprised, as his listing was still on the market and it currently is priced at about $85 a square foot. It is a 20 year old home and is in a very well kept condition. I am confident at that price, he should not have to wait much longer for a buyer. As for our area here in Green Valley, I do not think prices will go much lower, but of course, we all would like to see the number of buyers increase.

So Laura and I will be faithfully anticipating a great Thanksgiving holiday....I do not think anyone could handle or wish to handle any more of these catastrphic events that we have all had to experience. I hope we can all look forward to things improving slowly over the long run. I sincerely wish all of you a great Thanksgiving.
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