Rock Tops Granite Creates Hundreds of New Jobs as they Continue to be one of the Fastest Growing Companies in the Nation – New Store Opens in Antioch, TN

Home Builder with Rock Tops Granite

Rock Tops Granite, home store in Macomb, Michigan, and the fastest growing company in the state, has expanded with 10 new stores opening across the US in the last few years

Antioch, TN - Rock Tops Granite specializes in fabricating and installing granite and marble countertops.  Founded in 2000, they were originally a supplier to large home improvement stores before shifting their market focus to homeowners in 2003.  Rock Tops Granite's home store is located in Macomb, Michigan; they have been recognized as the fastest growing company in the state as they celebrate the grand opening of a new store in the Greater Nashville area, located in Antioch, Tennessee. 


Rock Tops has opened 4 new stores in the last few weeks.  When asked how they are able to grow so quickly in today's troubled economy, Rock Tops President, Charlie Thiede explained, "We are able to fabricate our granite and marble countertops more quickly than most companies, due to advanced technology and equipment, thus saving thousands on labor.  We pass this savings onto our customers as we provide quality custom countertops at a lower cost."


Rock Tops uses CNC (computer numerically controlled) stone processing equipment to produce a perfect edge for their custom granite countertops.  Each machine cost approximately $300,000, which is why Charlie Thiede believes most companies continue to use grinders and routers to shape the edges of their countertops; this takes many hours of labor compared to the CNC machines that can accomplish this task very quickly and accurately.


The rapid growth of Rock Tops Granite has created thousands of new jobs which we desperately need in today's economy.  Besides being recognized as a fast growing company, Rock Tops is also known for being a great place to work.  In a recent interview, Charlie Thiede said, "We encourage our employees to relay customer feedback to us as well as offer suggestions as to how we can improve.  Listening to our employees, with an open mind, and acknowledging them for their ideas and input is great for their morale and motivation.  We take pride in paying our employees well, offering a good benefit package, and treating them like the important people that they are."


Rock Tops Granite specializes in fabricating and installing granite and marble countertops.  Rock Tops serves the Greater Nashville area of Davidson County, including Anitoch, Kimbio, Goodlettsville, Belle Meade, Madison and neighboring cities and communities.  This fast growing company, offering hundreds of new jobs, is what our economy needs right now.  Visit their website at to learn more or to contact them about possible employment.






Mark Duncan, Sales Manager

631 Bakertown rd

Antioch, TN 37013

Phone:  615-333-3100




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