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Beautiful home in Baltimore County MarylandNo matter how much you love your home, some homes make you go wow. This home is not for sale, but once I saw it, I had to share it. The owners must be very proud, and rightly so. I love my home, and its location in a private setting. I love the amount of space I have; inside and out. When you buy a home you like to think you made the best choice, but now that I am a Realtor, I get to see many many homes. It quickly dawns on you that there are so many beautiful homes in the world. Just because you found your dream home, doesn't mean there are no more dream homes for anyone else. In my home market of Maryland, there are so many gorgeous homes for sale. There is more than one that you could make into your dream home.

It is a buyers market. Not too long ago, it was common to hear how prices were too high. People would complain about how they were never going to afford a home. Well the market is a pendulum that swings from sellers market to buyers market and back to sellers market. This cycle is not likely to stop. The beauty of buying a home as opposed to buying a stock in the stock market, is the inherent value a home provides. So much about stocks are out of your control. You are betting on someone else. Buying a home, is an investment in yourself. At a minimum, you are no longer paying rent. Without any price appreciation you are ahead of the game from this alone. There are plenty more financial reasons to own your home, and I will talk about some of those in a future blog post. But consider the long list of personal growth reasons to own your own home. For starters, you get some control in your life. Your home is your castle and sanctuary. It is a place to recharge your batteries. Sure you get to lock your doors with a rental, but if it is your home, you can replace the locks with a fancy brass lock set that gleams in the sun. You can paint the walls without permission. It is your place to improve as you see fit.

The home pictured above tells a story of someone that has found their dream home. I would doubt this was their first house. They likely owned something smaller first. That smaller home too was probably their dream home in those days. They probably still think fondly of it. Most people can't afford to buy a home like this as their first home. They built their dream one smaller dream at a time.

If buying a home is part of your dream, then now is a great time to talk to a Realtor. There are many great Realtors out there. Active Rain has more than its fair share of great Realtors. Make sure to pick someone that loves houses, and loves the idea and the success of you finding your dream home.

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Maggie Baumbach
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That is a beautiful home!  And a lovely day for the photos is always appreciated.  Good work!

Nov 15, 2008 11:39 AM