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I think I've been an Activer Rainer for about three weeks now and one of my favorite aspects of the site is the Q&A.

Q&A is what the web is all about-active, dissemination of information. It is a place to learn, teach and share with the public (and ourselves)our expertise in the field of real estate. Where else right now does anybody have access to this wealth of knowledge? A person in need of a question answered-and there are doozies, could get untold responses from Realtors in all parts of the country. I enjoy reading the answers from other Realtors as much as answering questions myself. Now, the answers are not always correct, but there too Active Rain has allowed us the abillity to comment on the comment. Those guys are always thinking....

When looking for a question to answer I usually stick to California but sometimes if I see a zero response I may stray into an area that is alien to me-like Texas. There if I see somebody with a question such as tax, legal, divorce, easements, etc I try to at least steer them to the proper specialist. Recently, someone out of California had a question about a relative dying intestate (can you believe this still happens?) and I advised the person  that the property in question would go into probate (I'm pretty sure) but what I was sure about was the need for them to contact an attorney right away. I don't know how helpful I was but at least I'm steering them towards someone who could be. Now that may sound mundane but what if you where in those shoes? 

I think Q&A has a downside if people are given the wrong explanation of something and act upon it-we have disclaimer at the bottom but thats not the point. Time and time again lawyers find loopholes in disclaimers? Thats not the point either. We have a responsibility to seek the truth. I think its a place for  Realtors to shine-seperate ourselves  from other industries where knowledge is kept proprietary. Realtors who are involved will grow themselves by taking part in helping the public and also policing eachother. Knowledge is power.  What if in the years to come it will become common for people in a casual conversation about real estate say, "I don't know, you can ask that in Active Rain Q&A" 

Check out Q&A, it needs more participation from the veterans and um,.... you get points.

Neil Morse

Tahoe City, CA Realtor 

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Nicolette Ceballos, Fountain Valley Now Serving all of California
Bilingual Escrow Officer - Fountain Valley, CA
So I was going through my blogs for the day and came across your blog on the Q&A and decided to check it out.  OH MY GOSH!  I haven't even gone into it and it's AWESOME!  I really do just live this website! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU FOR YOUR BLOG!
Apr 19, 2007 08:47 AM