Sustainable Steps towards Greening our Homes: Conserve Energy

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There are many simple things we can do to create a more sustainable home.  Here are some ideas to Conserve Energy by Increasing Efficiency. 

  • Seal up small cracks around doors, electrical outlets, and windows and save up to 15 percent on your heating and cooling bill.  AFM Safecoat provides effective and healthy sealants so that you can avoid putting smelly, toxic sealers in your home. 
  • Lower the thermostat.  Did you know that if you lower your thermostat by two degrees in the winter and/or raise it by two degrees in the summer you can save up to 8 percent on your heating or cooling bill?  During the hot months open up windows and turn on your fans to get air flowing in the house.  And in the cold months, wear warmer clothes inside your home so that the heater does not have to run so much.  If your head is cold, why not wear a hat indoors?  If your feet are cold, put on some snugly socks.  
  • Turn off the lights.  When you leave a room, turn off the lights.  There's no reason for the lights to be on if you're not inside.   
  • Replace your incandescent bulbs with high eefficiency compact fluorescent light bulbs.  Compact fluorescent light bulbs last up to 10,000 hours longer while consuming less energy at the same time!  (When those long lasting compact fluorescent light bulbs finally do die out- make sure to dispose of them properly - at your local hazardous waste department- because they do contain mercury.)
  • Reduce your water consumption.  Install low flow toilets, take a shorter shower (and avoids high-water baths), use a drip system and/or soaker hose outside in the yard, and when it's laundry time, make sure to fill that load to capacity.
  • Purchase recycled paper.  Recycled papers can be found for almost all household items these days, including facial tissue, toilet paper, paper towels (or better yet, use cloth towels), and copy/printer paper. 
  • Consider alternatives to plastics.  Most plastics contain toxic chemicals like phthalates and other hormone disprupters.  If you have small children, get rid of the plastic!!!  Avoid plastic toys (unless specified PVC and phthalate-free), bottles, cups, and vinyl shower curtains.  Use glass and stainless steel storage containers for drinking and food storage. 
  • Go for Energy Star rated products.  If you are in the market for new appliances, light fixtures, televisions, computers, and/ or washer and dryers, look for lower consuming energy technology. 

Green Your Home Today!    


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