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A Lesson from my Teens....

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For those of us juggling family, careers, finances and life in general, it can get tough keeping things in perspective and our focus on priorities.  Throw teenagers into the mix and and sometimes I don't know if I'm coming or going.

I adore my teens but not always their behavior.  Then I got to thinking the other day - these two kids could teach me a little something about my own focus and drive - goodness knows when a teenager sets their sites on something, it becomes their mission in life.

Understandably, this can be an awesome thing or a huge detriment depending on what they're going after so I'm only going to focus on the positive - that drive that my son and daughter use to achieve their goals no matter how big or small.  Sometimes I believe they are the laziest creatures on earth - until I tell them no and they are forced to find a way on their own.

Here's the lesson for me -

There is doom and gloom just about everywhere I go.  I turn on the t.v., look at the paper, overhear conversations, pull up my email and look at the home page.  I'm honestly getting tired of people saying they "feel" for me because I'm in this business.  I turn that around with, "I'm thankful I have an avenue to make my own money.".  The lesson being that I have to use my passion, drive and creativity to make things happen.  I see my children think.  They think hard to come up with different ideas and avenues to get what they want.  Sometimes it amazes me how creative they can be - and the energy isn't always spent on huge tasks - I've seen them think for days on how to get a ride to a movie.

So, when it feels like the world is running my life, it's time to put on my thinking cap and use the creative genius that I was born with, I just sometimes forget I have it until I'm reminded by the awesome imaginations and resourcelfulness of my wonderful kids!