Some NP Dodge Agents Speak Out...

Real Estate Broker/Owner with NP Dodge Real Estate

"After speaking to numerous real estate corporations, NP Dodge was exceptional in my mind for many reasons. The training program is second to none and has helped me jumpstart my career. Not only is NP Dodge conducive to new agents, but also provides a sense of comfort working for a family-owned business. Real Estate is thriving in this area and provides for some great opportunities. Everyone has been extremely helpful and willing to help in any way possible. My branch manager has been very encouraging towards my new career. I could not be happier in selecting NP Dodge as the company I represent."
- Grant Stine, New Agent

"Omaha, for that matter no urban area, is spared from an abundance of real estate sales persons. The only thing that sets a real estate agent aside from the large pack in an area is their association with a distinguished organization. I chose NP Dodge because of their singular, outstanding name recognition in this area. The name NP Dodge connotes expertise and professionalism. I have found this to be true in my association with the company."
- Bonnie Leonhardt, New Agent

"NP Dodge offers new agents a great deal of opportunity. There are opportunities in new construction, as well as a dynamic existing market. Few real estate companies in the metro area can offer all of these: well-recognized advertising support, relocation services, duty time opportunities, new construction, formal training, land services and more. The environment is friendly, cooperative, honest and professional."
- Dave Blusys, New Agent

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