Supporting Your Colleagues

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I attended a Board breakfast this morning, which isn't one of my favorite things to do, to support a previous Broker/Friend who was being sworn in as the new President of the Association.  Many people were there but to my shock and dismay only 3 people from her own office came, two of those being sworn in themselves so I don't even count those.  I could see how hurt she was that others didn't come and I started to think about our lives in general. How can we, on an every day basis, make others feel good. Does it cost money? Are we all so busy in our real estate career to take a couple of hours out of our lives (I don't think so) or are we getting too self centered?

I remember a few years back when one of Oprah's shows dealt with doing something kind to a stranger, no matter how small. Pay for their toll fee, pay for someone elses cup of coffee, say THANK YOU to a person in the service! The expressions on peoples faces were amazing. Such shock, but such gratitude.

We are entering into a time of the season when so many people are hurting. So many people are alone. With the economy hurting as it is, people losing jobs, and everyday expenses going up there are still ways to give back that doesn't cost money. A simple thank you to your police and fire personnel, a simple note of thanks to a teacher or bus driver, or just attending a breakfast for a person you know that deserves honor and respect. 

Support goes a long way. Even if the person we voted for wasn't elected we still have to support that person. Without support, we fall. One day I may need support. Will anyone be there for me because I was there for them? I sure hope so.