How to take advantage of a shifting market

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So the market is shifting a little. Ok alot! Well in spite of the bumps and bruises, I'm having a decent year. I'm finding that this is a great market to grow your brand. Hopefully you have one! I don't mean just advertising,  but instead purposeful marketing. This market has given all of us buyers, sellers and agents alike something to think about. For me it has instilled a greater sense of work ethic and creative marketing applications. I'm marketing globally now! Who knew we would have to market in multiple languages. I'm also calling agents more often and following up more diligently in order to get feedback. I'm also more in touch and communicating more frequently to buyers and sellers. Even though the buyer pool may have shrunk, it leaves us time to develop better relationships with more motivated clients. Ah quality time.  So now we have to show a buyer 20 to 25 homes but the conversation in the car should give you a deeper understanding of the client and help you to better relate right? So we can whine about the market or spend time better understanding the clients and the communities that we work in. Maybe that gap in productivity has helped us to better prioritize our lives and schedules. I'm a optimistic cynic. I think that this change in the market/lives/pocketbooks will put us more in touch with ourselves, coworkers and our purpose in life? just a few thoughts....

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