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You want to sell your home fast? Some of it is up to you - the seller! Here are some of my tips for selling your home fast.  Get more by watching my video presentation of "Preparing For the Buyer's Eye" brought to you courtesy of myself and HMS home warranties (which I provide as a gift to my sellers - worth over $400).

1) Cut the grass.

When people drive by your home and see a for sale sign, they want to think that the home is well taken care of.  The grass is one element that can add to or take away from curb appeal.  Also, a well-manicured lawn increases the perceived value of the home.

2) Clean out the garage and organize storage spaces.

No one wants to see how you store YOUR stuff, they want to know how they will store THEIR stuff.  So if you don't have a place to put your things, make sure it looks neat.  If you can, get a storage unit to put everything in that is not absolutely necessary.

3) Replace old bedspreads and sagging cracking miniblinds.

It is a inexpensive way to make a room look fresher. You can get plain white blinds for about $6 if it is a pretty standard sized window.  You don't have to love them, since you more than likely will be leaving them behind.

4) ALWAYS remove pets from the home if you have a showing. 

No one wants to be responsible for letting Fluffy out, or wants to wonder what the room looks like that they couldn't see since Bruiser was in there.  Some buyers just may not be comfortable knowing that a dog or cat is there at all.

5) Avoid cooking strong smelling foods while your home is on the market.

You would be surprised how long smells last in upholstry, carpet, and even in the walls. If you are craving fried catfish or curry - eat out.

6) Find your most recent utility bills and provide your agent with them.

Don't let a buyer assume anything about your house! Give them all the information that you can.  Often times, they will go with the house they feel like they know the best.

7) Tell your co-workers, friends, and family that your house is for sale.

Refer them to your property website, email them your property video, show them your property brag-book, DVD or CD (if you have one) and the MLS #. You never know who has had their eye on your house - and has just been waiting for it to go on the market so they could buy it from you.

8) Have your home professionally cleaned at least once before you put it on the market. 

Have someone else come in to get on hands an knees and clean baseboards, windowsills, and other nooks and crannies that you may not ordinarily even look at during your day to day cleaning.

9) Get out the caulk.

Homes settle with time.  Fix cracked and separated caulk around windows, door frames, moulding, tubs, showers, sinks, toilets. It is very inexpensive.

10) Make sure the door is easy to unlock and open. 

It is really not a good first impression if your buyers can't get in the door.


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