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Like many in our industry, I have looked at ways to supplement my income during the slow times.  The internet can make a lot of opportunities sound so good.  I spent a good bit of time exploring, searching for something.  I realized I had to define my goals clearly.  I wasn't looking for one of those deals where for only $29.99 I could make $2000/week in my spare time.  I guess I've been around too long to fall for that.  Any business, whether a brick and mortar or internet based, requires an investment...both time and money.  I spent a lot of times clarifying my goals.  I was a little surprised with what I came up with:

1. a business that offered a good return on my investment

2. a business that offered a good product

3. a business that offered a residual income stream

4. a business that would pay me what I thought my time and effort was worth

5. a business that allowed me to continue my present mortgage business

I was lucky.  I was able to find a home based business that gave me all of those things.  Not only that, I was able to find a business where I actually knew someone that was doing it and being very successful.  Someone that had been in the mortgage business and in his words, "found a better way".

If any of you are looking for something to supplement your income in these down times, take your time and define what you might want out of other business opportunities.  Talk with people, do your research and most importantly have realistic expectations.  I think we all know that anything you do is only worth what you're willing to put into it.